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As a market leader in Melbourne real estate for more than eight years, the Re Logic project department possesses a rare combination of experience, expertise, and marketing skills. Our comprehensive approach offers precise, succinct information to help you navigate domestic and foreign markets while staying true to your vision and delivering a project that the market enthusiastically accepts. This information is available from initial planning to marketing strategy, project launch, and completion.

Why RE Logic Projects?

We are distinct, therefore. Underpinning our campaigns, our projects, and our record-breaking sales is RE Logic Projects’ distinctive approach of discrete, personalized service, memorable marketing campaigns, dedication to innovation, and a reputation for sales and marketing excellence.

Developments by RE Logic Projects stand out for their quality rather than their quantity. We align ourselves with clients and projects that share a common vision of integrity, innovation, design excellence, and the desire to enhance Melbourne’s built environment with exceptional real estate. Along the way, we balance innovation with fiscal responsibility and adaptability with sensible management.

Unique Advantages

The distinctive advantages of RE Logic Projects are its prestigious reputation, in-depth market knowledge, and extensive research. The RE Logic Projects team has engaged personally with each contact by utilizing a highly segmented database and innovative technology.


Our experts are fueled by a combination of experience, expertise, and continuous learning to develop innovative marketing skills, allowing us to confidently handle every project to the highest standards.

Developing a residential undertaking is one of the most difficult but ultimately rewarding efforts. Our team of experts is supported by researchers and analysts who are highly trained and endowed with the proper tools to facilitate and support the entire project, from drafts to implementation.

Four Steps to Success





A project that will appeal to the market and withstand the test of time is founded on a solid foundation created by careful planning from its inception. The RE Logic Projects division provides assistance in locating and acquiring the optimal site in the optimal location; provides feasibility analysis and coordination with various agencies; and draws on decades of experience and specialized knowledge to provide advice on site optimization, architectural and interior design decisions, and landscape architecture.

An efficient strategy will guarantee the crucial continuation of sales. RE Logic Projects develops specialized marketing campaigns that target active buyers via print, digital, and social media and engage passive buyers through our extensive market knowledge. To ensure optimal brand development, we select and manage professional consultants, including designers, architects, photographers, stylists, and public relations strategists.

The RE Logic Projects specialist sales team will launch the project to local and international networks using our database of qualified buyers and contacts, including owner-occupiers and investors, and market to both local and international buyers, taking FIRB and other pertinent government regulations into consideration.

Upon project completion, we will finalize sales and provide ongoing post-sales service; project conclusion with post-sales debriefings and coordination of owner corporation, lease management, and property management services.

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