Research & Consulting

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A successful strategy that is based on a thorough comprehension of the market and the art of selling is necessary to achieve outstanding results. Hence, we conduct investigations and analyses.

Leaders in market research

REL Advisors has partnered with Real Estate Logic Pty Ltd. to provide its clients with property market information and research. Real Estate Logic is one of Australia’s few research organizations that investigates the property industry by remaining on the front lines of the market to gain first-hand information.

Research areas

The sale of your property is influenced by eight factors: market analysis, property development and renovation, marketing and sales, economy and policy, culture and psychology, data and geographic information, and architecture and lifestyle.

A reputation built on results

By combining a research-based strategy with excellent customer service, we have consistently achieved extraordinary results over the years. Our track record demonstrates that we sell properties for 3–16% more than the average agent.

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