Why you Can

It is easier than you think

Must you use a real estate agent to sell your home? The response is no. Sell a home without an agent.

You know your home well

You may be the most familiar with your home. Therefore you can build the story. Working with us, you can transform your knowledge into engaging, professional marketing materials.

Information is accessible

The Internet and technological advancements have made decision-making information more accessible than ever before. REL Advisors assists you in gathering this information and analyzing it to gain insight.

We equip you with powerful tools and advice

From valuation and styling to contract signing and settlement, we provide the tools necessary to ensure a smooth, efficient, and legal transaction.

Our expert guidance eliminates uncertainty, allowing you to appreciate selling your own home.

Big savings on service fees

The average agency commission rate ranges from 1.3% to 2.5%.We believe that everyone should have affordable access to professional and trustworthy real estate assistance. By reducing our service fees, we make it simpler for our clients to achieve their real estate objectives and maximize their savings. 

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